Teal Colette Fausett was born July 17, 1985 in Rockford, IL. She was a good natured baby with a ready smile, which she kept all through her life. Her trademark was that smile. She learned to read at the age of four with the help of her dad and the computer. She always did well in school and made the honor roll. She had an advanced reading ability, but she hated math. She won an English Merit Award in her Sophomore year. She loved sports. She played T-Ball at the age of five, but really didn’t begin team sports until eighth grade. She played third base on her softball team and was voted "most likely to play high school ball." She continued playing softball where she added pitching to her skills. She played tennis for Basic High School in her Jr. and Sr. years and lettered both years. She loved playing basketball with her family. She had a mean half court shot. She played everything her hardest. She loved many types of music. She even started to listen to the music we grew up with. Her favorite colors were red and black. Her favorite food was Chinese, Kung Po Chicken. We all liked going to the movies together. She would recite lines from her favorite movies and make us laugh. She could always make us laugh. She had a great sense of humor. When it came to family and friends, she was a softie. She had time for all of us. We always had our family nights and she loved to include her friends. She made her friends part of the family. She loved her brother very much. She would play video games with him and they would make funny little movies and would even include his friends. She vowed to protect him always and she did. No one hurt her family…until Dec 25th, 2002. She was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs. Her memorial service was on Dec. 30th and the place was "standing room only." We could not believe how many lives she touched. We received letters from teachers, coaches, deans and students in how she affected their lives, but we also appreciate those that touched her and helped make her who she was. Her friends still call and stop by to reminisce about Teal. She will always be loved.

We Miss You So Much!!

Mom, Dad, Mike