Name: Stacey Koenen
Comment: Your loss changed my life - Today as I do often, I reflect on how you touched so many lives at a young age - I will never forget our bond and I appreciate our chats every Christmas - bless you sweet angel... I recently opened boxes that have been sitting for awhile after my move back to Wisconsin - I found the picture your parents gave me that I had hanging in every office after I left Basic High School - people always asked is that your daughter? your niece? Nope, my favorite dear friend... I have a collage of pictures and a yellow ribbon that one of your friends made - it's with all my family pictures - I'm mumbling through some tears - just missing you bunches today...

Name: Cassi
Comment: It's been so long, she is still my inspiration for everything I do. I went tonight. Lit a few candles. No matter what she will always be an incredible inspiration for everyone. Love you all. Great to see everyone doing so great, and little brother Mike all married now! She would have been so proud and happy for you guys!

Name: Brenda
Comment: Still missing you baby girl. Love you

Name: Shannon
Comment: Hi. It has been a very long time since we have even seen each. Honestly I am not sure if you remember me, but I remember all of you :) Vicki Keith Michael and Justin. I was a old friend of Teals. I often find myself thinking of her and also you guys. I wanted to see how you all have been cause I still feel close to Teal after all this time. I would like to share one of the greatest memories that I have with you Vicki just in case we never meet in person again. On that sad day at Palms mortuary we said no words to each other all that happened was I walked and was given a hug from you that meant more then any words and I quietly left. I wanted to thank you for that memory before I didn't have the chance xox I hope all is well with the family and I do very much miss her very much. Love Shannon

Name: Michael Fausett
Comment: You always looked after me when we were kids, but I never got the chance to thank you for it. I know you're still there for me now and that I can still count on you to help me when I need it. Thank you, sis. I love you and miss you.

Name: Sarah Fausett
Comment: I know this happened 10 years ago but when I was at her funeral I remembered how many people were crying because they loved her, she was loved very much.

Name: Nichole
Comment: I love you guys and miss you and her so much.

Name: Crystal
Comment: I'm sorry about your loss, my 8 year old son just passed away not to long ago. I just thank God that my son is in a better place now. RIP Teal and Aydden<3

Name: Cassi
Comment: Felt like one of those days. Just needed to see you. Love you all.

Name: Amber Wheeler/Smith
Comment: Teal, 5 years ago I told you what was going on in my life. Today I wanted you to know I still think of you often, still to this day. I feel this is the only way for me to connect with you. I know I can speak to you anytime I want but when I come to your website I can see your pretty face. About a week ago I learned how small this world is. My brother Aaron has been dating this girl named Nichole and my mom told me that her brother is the one that murdered you. I sat down and cried my eyes out and thought to my self this is soo unfair. Her brother killed my friend and she is dating my brother. Wow, Teal is gone and this SOB gets to walk around like nothing ever happened. Why does he get to steal her life and then live his own. It's just not fair. Anyway, our lives have moved on but there will always be a part of us where you belong. So as far as my life goes, I am married now with 3 children of my own and 2 step children. We live in Arizona still! Teal I love you and miss you sooo much but we know you are looking down on us.

Name: Keaira B Slack
Comment: As i read this letter i realize that life is too short to make the wrong choices. i have learned that just having a drink can cause you to lose your life. Reading this makes me think of the harm that i could have done to myself. i want to say that you have such a beautiful young girl and she seemed like a bright girl. As i look at the comments of other people i start to see how much she was loved. i give my condolences to the family of teal. her story has told me a lot of things. seeing how she died and what caused her to die. I see that what i have done is not the way to go. i fear that this might have happened to me. To the family of teal i see that she was a wonderful young girl and she seemed very respectful. she had a lot of people that loved her and loved her to be around. Reading this story has made me realize that drinking is not the way to go. this story has opened my eyes to the thing that can happen from just taking a drink. The story of how this pretty young girl died has touched my heart. i read this and it made me think of me being in her place. I thought of how it would effect my family and how it would be sad for my mom to see me gone. i don't want to die at a young age. so to the family of teal i say this story has touched my heart and to her mom i say that she is always watching over u.

Name: Alisha Washington
Comment: Hello, my name is Alisha Washington. I saw that you have suffered a loss in the family and I wanted to share my condolences. There is a scripture in the bible that will bring you comfort during this trying time, one of these scriptures is found at John 5:28 which reads "Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out. I'm writing this because I'm genuinely interested in my neighbors. Sincerely, Alisha Washington

Name: Michelle Gonzalez
Comment: My deepest condolences in ur tremendous loss. I can c she lived a full life, did more than people will do in a lifetime. God has a very special place in his kingdom for young people like herself. U were and r still blessed! U will c her again in the spiritual world, eternal life, no hurts, no drunk drivers, no pain, no tears....May the Lord keep u all and blessed u. Teal watch over my boy he needs all the help he can get to get through this time in his life! Thanks and the world misses u!

Name: Brenda
Comment: Hi guys, Just writing to say I love you and reading these comments from people it just amazes me how Teal and her story are still touching and changing peoples lives. I always knew she was a special person and through this website everyone who reads about her finds out just how special she was. Well I'll talk to you soon. Love you and Stay safe.

Name: Emily A. Wallen
Comment: Hello Vicky, Keith, and Mike. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and your family during the holiday season. God bless you. Sincerely, Emily (Grant Avenue - Rockford, IL)

Name: Jessie Cooper
Comment: her story made me very sad. just watching that video made me rethink of all the times i have made bad choices. i was expelled for taking pills in class. and i now know what things like weed and smoking and stuff can do to you. you dont relize it till the one person you really care for is hurt or has even passed away. i for all the people who smoke weed or do drugs ... please rethink that choice and think what would teal do if she still had the chance to remake the situation. i just want to finish off saying im sooooooo very sorry for your loss. ~Jessie~

Name: Stephen Burrell
Comment: i was told her story by her old dean stacey koenen after i got kicked out of school for smoking. i've been thinking about her ever since. im 17 and i use to think my smoking only effected me. its so sad she lost her life so fast and she was doing so great in school. i bet she was a great person. after her story i now realize my smoking didnt just effect me. im sorry for your loss and god bless

Name: Andrew
Comment: hello i got into some trouble with weed and was sent to talk to stacy and she showed me my wrongs ive been clean and im sorry for your loss

Name: Samantha E. Lopez
Comment: I'm so sorry for your loss i'm a 15 yr teenager and was really touched just knowing how your daughters life ended i do not want to end up in such tragedy her life was taken not by her choice but by anothers stupidity and it just opened my eyes to see and to realize that some choices i have made would be a tragedy if i don't change my ways im so sorry you are going through this sadness but being able to see and read what a family goes through makes me more aware of things a teenager shouldn't be doing, IM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS you are in my prayers.

Name: Jackie
Comment: I'm so sorry about your loss of your beautiful daughter. My brother was in an accident 2 years ago he was in ICU for 2 weeks, 2 broken arms ribs and etc we thought we loss. IT's a miracle I have a 3 yrs old daughter and I'm scared.

Name: Judy
Comment: I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my granddaughter Ariauna to SIDS on Christmas Eve. 2002 she was 2 months old. Then on July 18-2003 I lost my daughter Bobbi Jo (Ariauna's Momma) in a car accident she was 20 years old.

Name: Tony
Comment: Hello beautiful family! I'm so sorry for the loss of your lovely daughter. Please don't lose faith in God who loves you so very much---that's a fact (John 3:16)! Forgive Tim and give all of your hurt to Jesus, He can carry it. God led me to this website to tell you to call unto Him and He will answer you. He knows what you are going through and wants to heal you and help you through all of your pain. Matt 11:28 says "Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest." Jesus wants you to come to Him! Cry out to Him, seek Him and He will be found by you. If you've turned away from Him, He awaits you with open arms and love everlasting. Turn back to your Savior and allow Him to heal your hurts and restore you whole. God Bless your beautiful family.

Name: Kayla
Comment: I know you dont know me. but i am writing to say sorry. I was reading the story.. and my heart for these kinds of stories just melts. I actually cry. I am so very sorry.

Name: Doreen Gagliano
Comment: Hi Mike! I'm so sorry for your loss. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you. You were born after I lost touch with your Mom & Dad & Uncle Tim. I met your family while attending the Church of Christ in Rockford, IL. Your Mom is an amazing person. She was a God-send to me while I was a teenager. Can you please ask her & your Uncle Tim to contact me? I would love to get in touch with them. Thank you. Doreen

Name: Sarah Smith
Comment: I lived at some apartments when I was a kid 10-14 I think, and Teal lived right around the corner from me... She went to the lake with my family, and she was like a sister to me. Then, I moved away to Oklahoma, and we tryed to keep in touch, but as you grow up things get in the way and life gets busy... You should have seen my face when I did a search on myspace, and found her page!!! I was so excited, I didn't even read the page I just sent a messge right there. Then after that I read the page and realized that she is no longer with us.. This is very sad for me.. I know I am a bit late in the picture, but my whole life I have always been wondering what she is doing and how she is, and it hurts my heart so much to know that she is gone.. I will pray for her family, I know mine will be upset when they find out, she was like a sister to me and a daughter to my family the few years we spent time with each other... I remember you couldn't ever get her out of that pool at the apartments.. we were always in there, laughing and having a great time.

Name: tiffany
Comment: i know how it is lo lose some one u ooh so dearly love. dont let it bring u down she is in a good place where nothing bad will happen to her. u will see her again she isnt gone forever<333 rip teal you beautiful girl

Name: jared b
Comment: Im sorry for your loss i bet she was a good person and she didnt deserve what happen to her!!! You are LOVED


Name: KATiE ANDERS0N [ :
Comment: Hey, Stacey showed me your page of your Daughter, When I seen it, it was soo sad. I'm sorry for your loss, It made me think of some thing I have done in the past, and will not do again. I would not want to put my family through that kind of pain. Your daughter is really Beautiful and greatly missed.. Thank you for your page ♥ Katie Anderson

Name: Diane Bailey
Comment: I was truly moved by your tragedy. I can only hope that this will help other people realize that one bad choice by themselves or others can end with such a tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss and hope and pray to god that I never have to go through the loss of my daughters or sons. May god bless your family and keep her memory alive.

Name: Ola Persson
Comment: I did not know Teal at all, I lived in Rockford back in 1992. I had the luck to meet a person like Keith there and knew from the start that so nice people like you are hard to find. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, tears keep falling when reading about her. Love from sweden/ ola

Name: Aubree Arney
Comment: I was asked to read this web sit from Stacey Koenen as an assignment, however its been an amazing experience to read such a wounderful story about an amazing person. I send my prayers and thoughts towards you and your family.

Name: Christopher
Comment: This impacted me because Teal died because of someone on drugs. Even though it wasn't my fault she passed away I feel like it was because the driver was on drugs. I've done drugs once and thinking about what happened you can put me in that problem easly. I didn't know drugs can hurt you and people around you. So all I wanna say is sorry for my actions and sorry for Teal.
Name: elizabeth
Comment: such a beautiful site...... for such a beautiful girl.... may she rest in peace xx

Name: Lisa
Comment: So sorry 4 your loss. She was too pretty to have been taken away.


Name: David and Cathy
Comment: It's difficult to believe that it has been five years ago today that Teal died. She was such a beautiful person. Mike, we enjoyed looking at the web site. Especially looking at the pictures of family and friends. I know Christmas today means something different for you than it did five years ago before this happened, but Cathy and I just wanted to let you know we love you very much and think of you often.

Name: Kyle Alcaraz
Comment: I remember that night it happened, driving down Magic Way, I looked over and saw that a Basic High Letterman jacket was hanging out of the door of the car, so I told my brother to turn around, as soon as we pulled up he noticed who it was, so we went to her home to tell her parents, I cant even describe how it must have felt for her parents, for me and my brother being the ones who told her parents was hard enough as it is. Teal, you are still in my thoughts, and I know that you are in a better place, you are not forgotten and you never will be! Keep shining from above!

Name: Lola Cross
Comment: I have just read your beautiful website built in memory of your daughter. If her story saves even one life, it will mean her death was not in vain. My son was murdered by his abusive wife and I'm hoping that my website might save even one person from a domestic violence death. You may visit it at God Bless You and Watch Over You.

Name: Fay Glenn
Comment: Hi I don't know your daugher but I lost my son Aug 7, 2007 due to a tragedy he was jogging on a running trail they were putting up and the driver backed over him and killed him instantly. He was 14 years old and getting ready for football season this year going into his freshman year. and I was looking for ideas of putting together a in memory site for him and i saw this site. I understand the pain and grief for it was just 2 months ago yesterday.

Name: Amanda Gipe Dewey
Comment: Still in my prayers, God bless you all. If you need me I am still in Rockford and so is my mother. Till' we meet again or in Heaven, which ever may come first. By the way Mike, how old are you now? Take care Keith, Vikki, and Mike. Dont let your prayers cease. With much LOVE, Amanda Gipe

Name: Cierra
Comment: i did not know Teal at all, i found her on the page of someone i knew`s obituarie page. Patricia Ann Siroki died december 22,2002 only 15 years old, a close personal friend to my family. she died only three days before Teal, also involving a car. i have no clue why God has to take the good ones, they were both so young. i pray for your families and i am very sorry for your families loss. well rest in peace Teal & Trish

Name: Angela Amundson (Chinn)
Comment: Although I didn't know Teal that well, I do miss her ALOT! Everytime I drive past the pole I stop and just sit for a minute. I just want to send my condolences to the Fausett family and say that she is truly loved and deeply missed. Teal, you will NEVER be forgotten. Your smile was ALWAYS one of a kind.

Name: moe
Comment: man Teal I miss u so much! some days are so hard and it just hits me!! I feel like you were the only one who understood exactly how I was and always listened no matter what! i miss u i need you!!! when i feel like i had no one you were the one i went to! you were that one best friend i had to turn too! why did you have to leave me!! i love you so much and would do anything to get you back! i just miss you so much! i was just listening to this song and it just made me think about the fun we used to have all the good times! god i wish you could just back!! i love you baby girl! so much. love you sis <3 moe

Name: Leighton Anderson
Comment: I just viewed your website in honor of Teal. My most heartfelt condolences on your loss. We lost our son, Conrad, in a traffic accident on May 21, 2003. He had just turned 19 years old the week before. We miss him very much as we know you miss Teal. I was very impressed by Teal's website and I knew that Conrad would've liked it, too. Because of this I have placed a link to Teal's website on Conrad's website at If you don't want her link listed, please let me know and I'll remove it. God bless you.

Name: Teresa Bush
Comment: I am truly sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. My 20 year old son Jonathan (Jon) Brewer was killed in an auto accident on May 29 2006. He was an only child and we were very close. I saw your page for Teal and had to tell you; I think this was a great idea and I also wanted to say... We are now a member of a club no parent should be a part of. May God Bless you and yours, Teresa A/K/A Jon's Mom

Name: Taylor Fausett
Comment: I am so sorry for your loss. I am a Fausett in Texas wondering where my origins are. Can anyone help?

Name: Elene
Comment: Oh my gosh...this is so so sry...i feel ur only 13 and last year i lost my baby sister and i have still never repaired from that day and i know u wont either...but i wanted to say that i will pray 4 u!

Name: Stacey Koenen
Comment: I can't resist... I know you and Walter made this happen! I bet high fives were in order!!!

Name: Stacey Koenen
Comment: Well, well, well dear angel - I just caught up on some of the thoughts and kind words about you and to your family...hmmm still shining and take care of so many - aren't you? Your mom and I have been catching up! The Bears have a big game tomorrow! I know I ask a lot of you! Thank you for watching over me and my family!

Name: Emily A. Wallen
Comment: Dear Vicki, Keith, and Mike -- I just wanted to tell you that I know it has been a long time, but I still think of Teal and your family often. Some of my greatest childhood memories took place at your house having sleep-overs with Teal. She was a great friend to me and I believe she is still with all of us. I am in my senior year of school at Rockford College; and although I am "grown-up" I keep my childhood memories alive. Your daughter and family will always live in my heart and memories. Thinking of you and your's -- -- Emily A. Wallen (from across the street on Grant Ave.)

Name: Andy Teal
Comment: I was looking up my last name and saw that you had lost your daugther. I had just had lunch with two of my friends who are with the Washington State Patrol and are on duty tonight trying to make all our lives a little safer. I am sorry about your loss.

Name: Brenda
Comment: It's 12:30 a.m. Dec. 26th. It's hard to sleep tonight. In about an hour and a half 4 yrs ago I got a phone call from my mom saying Teal was in surgery and they wasn't sure she was going to make it. From that time until the next phone call I prayed so hard that God take me instead of Teal she was to young. But by 6 in the morning I knew God didn't answer my prayer the way I thought he should. It still seems so unfair. I have a meltdown every year and I can't imagine how Keith,Vicki and Mike deal with it. I'm so sorry you guys for not being there when you needed me. Love you all Love you and miss you Teal

Name: Chris P.
Comment: 12/25/06 I talked to you online the night you died. I wish I had been nicer. It's four years now. At your funeral everyone was crying, but you know me I always have to be the black sheep so I didn't cry. It's been four years and I've never posted on this site, never even visited your grave. I've always felt I could do better than that for your memory, or maybe it's cowardice, who knows. I still think of you, especially during Christmas.

Name: Jamie Brown
Comment: Well its Dec. 20th, 2006...almost 4 years now that we have woken up each day, knowing that Teal is gone. Honestly, I was only breifly aquainted with Teal, but I will never forget how much of an impact her loss had on Basic High School. I remember seeing her around school, and how everyone loved her. She was never alone. She always had people around her, talking to her or hanging out with her...people who just wanted to be around a positive attitude. And they found that in Teal. She was so special to so many and she will never be forgotten. For the rest of my life I will never be able to celebrate the holidays without thinking of Teal and her wonderful family who is so strong. My prayers will always be with the Fausetts. Thank you. Jamie Brown

Name: Tim Fausett
Comment: My eyes open and I'm fully awake. I don't have to look at the clock, I already know what time it is but, I roll over and look at it anyway. Just as I thought, it's 1:30 in the morning. I can't explain why I have been waking up at this time in the morning. I can only say that it's been happening for about six months, three times a week. I roll over and look out the window. I immediately start to think of her. How her life had barely begun when it was taken so quickly from her, from us, from me. She was full of hope and promise, ready to start another chapter in her life. I look more closely at the stars and the tears start to fall silently down my cheek. When it's raining, I listen to it fall on the roof and imagine that she is running around and chasing her Grandmother's dog. She would pick on him mercilessly. I wonder where she is at and what she is doing. The Bible is not very clear on that subject. I wish that it were. Does she have conscience thought? Does she see the amount of love that we have for her? Did I tell her that enough when she was alive? I hope so but, I suspect that I didn't. How stupid of me! What would I give to hear her voice, her laughter again? To say that I'd give anything doesn't give that question justice. Would I give my life? Yes. Would I give the life of the one who caused all this pain and grief? Most definitely. The anger that fills me when I think of him, at times, consumes me. How dare he do this to all of us. His day will come. I don't know how or when but, it will come. I focus back on the stars and wonder which one is her. It must be the biggest and brightest. I think of my Brother and his family. What pain and agony they must be in. How can I comfort them and help them so that the pain is not too great? How do they smile and laugh and carry on? I try to comfort them but, they end up comforting me. I feel so useless. My mind drifts back and forth between all these thoughts and many more until I finally fall back to sleep. I don't know what time that is. I only know that in the morning I am more tired than the night before.

Name: Michelle
Comment: You would think things would get easier after 4 years but they dont. Its still unbelievably difficult to get through this time of year...not to mention my birthday. How am i supposed to have a "Happy" Birthday when i should be spending it with my best firend who's birthday is just one day later? I just look forward to that day when we're reunited again. And i thank God that Teal has such a wonderful family like you guys to help us all get through this together. I dont know how I would do it with out you guys! I love you and miss you!!

Name: MOE

Name: Marc
Comment: I seen one of the pics on this web site and wondered what a good looking young lady she would of been. I think of her when I talk to you guys or see you all. I know it is going to be rough but you will have alot of your friends by your side and I mean Teal's friends. You all have become good friends and that is just the way you are and this helps you all out. MATTHEW 22: 37-40 Jesus said love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. All the love and the prophets hang on these two commandments. The Fausett family always LOVE THERE NEIGHBOR and will give the shirt to you right off their back. This is the kind of family you are and I am very happy to be married into this family. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. LOVE U ALL. YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW AND IN CHRIST, MARC SCHMERSE

Name: Brenda
Comment: Hey Guys, It's been awhile since I've been on the site. But every time I get on it, it makes me feel better. Mike you still do an awesome job telling everyone who will read what a wonderful young woman Teal was. Teal I still miss you horribly. But I will see you again someday. And we'll have alot of catching up to do. Keith, Vicki and Mike I'll talk to you all soon. Love you and Stay Safe, Brenda

Name: Michael Moore
Comment: Hi, I have just come across this website by accident. I have been touched by the wonderful words which have been used to describe your daughter. Although I do not know you, I wish you all the best in getting over your grief and I hope that time will heal all wounds. Michael Moore. Melbourne. Australia.

Name: Lisa
Comment: What a wonderful site. my gosh she was so beautiful, i hope shes one of the angels lookin after my baby that died last month, im still a wreck but i pray for little suzie, i just wanted to give a child all my love but god had other plans. i came across this site while doin some research, im so glad i did because it has touched me and brought a tear to my eye. i give my love to the family and hope they r doin well, u r all so strong and special. RIP TEAL, you beautiful girl.

Name: Ashly
Comment: I am very sorry for your loss. In december of 05' I lost friends in a car accident to I know how it feels. Teal's story has truly inspired me and much sympathy and love goes out to the friends and family. If you dont mind I'd like to do a presentation over Teal's story for school. God bless the friends and especially the family. RIP Teal. Sincerly, Ashly
Name: Michael
Comment: I got a speeding ticket just after I got my junior permit and had to write a report for the court. I read your story and used it for my report. I am very sorry for your loss and will tell all my friends not to drink or do drugs and drive. All My Best. Michael 17 years old.
Name: Brandon Fausett
Comment: I was doing a search of the last name Fausett when I came across Teal's story. I want to say my thoughts are with the Fausett family. I've always believed that anyone with the spelling F.a.u.s.e.t.t is somehow related to me so I read this and now feel like I lost a family member. Again sorry and my thought are with you even this many years after this fatal tragedy. Teal is remembered.

Name: Emma
Comment: Sorry to read about your great loss my thoughts are with you.

Name: Michelle Larmon
Comment: I came across your website and what a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Teal sounded like she was a wonderful all around young lady. You did a great job raising her. Always keep her in your thoughts and prayers and the days will get easier .God bless your family and Teal.

Name: Judy Sisk
Comment: Such a tragic loss of a beautiful and promising young lady, I lost my daughter Bobbi Jo in a car accident on July 18-2003, it is believed that she either fell asleep or was trying to avoid hitting a animal, her name was Bobbi Jo she was 20 years old, 6 months prior to losing Bobbi we lost her baby daughter to SIDS on Cristmas Eve. 2002

Name: Teal
Comment: Hey! My name is Teal sorry to hear what happened to you! R.I.P.....yeah i was born in July also maybe all the Teal's were born in July.

Name: Moe
Comment: Hey my sis! Well today was hard my sister told me she went to that every 15 min and she said at the assembly they talked about you she said she was crying and she misses you. Man I cant believe this I'm so mad right now! How you could not be here with us and be my sons auntie lol I miss you so much! I love you! I just wish you could come back and now mom and dad are moving wow I know I barely see them but still they are just a little bit away from me! It's going to be so hard just knowing they are here but im so happy for you guys!! Well I will try to come over soon we have been so busy going to his parents and my dads when hes here and now my great uncle just passed away so its been rough for my grandma again. But I will be over soon mom I promise! I miss you guys and I love you and Teal I'm always thinking about you even the baby he looked at your pictures on the board we made and he always put his mouth on you lol he loves you! But now that people think about you Teal even my sister's friend asked me about you today we miss you and love you more then anything and I selfishly want you here with us! You are my other half and my best friend and always will be I love you so much!!! Love your sis moe!

Name: Samantha
Comment: Hiya my name is Samantha and I think this website is great I lost my mother last December 2005 it hurts to lose a loved one I can't get over it I was 16 at the time and it wasn't expected I just wanted to know how you came about this website and how I can create one for my sadly missed caring mother. If you can help me that will be great, sorry about your loss too. Thanks Samantha.

Name: Katrin
Comment: I don't think I have ever seen such a wonderful website. It totally touched me although I didn't even know Teal, but from what I can read here, she must have been an amazing person. My name is Katrin, come from Germany and am 17 years old. About two years ago one of the best friends of my little 12 year old sister died. It shocked me because at this time, he had just been 10 years old, and I still miss that little guy. He has been a kid with an awesome smile. God bless him and Teal.

Name: Lisa Sanchez
Comment: Your baby is in heaven God Bless Lisa from Genoa, IL

Name: Catherine
Comment: I am very sorry to hear that. My grandfather passed away on May 2003, and it changed the lives of my family forever-my grandmother, my mother, my father, my elder brother, my aunts, my uncles, and not to mention my cousins. God bless to you and to Teal.

Name: Amanda Howell
Comment: Hello, I came across your site while I was looking for a obituary to write for my baby girl I lost in January 2003. I can't even imagine the pain you have suffered, and will keep on suffering forever, she is a beautiful girl and I hope someday you will be able to smile again. God bless to you and to Teal.

Name: Teal
Comment: hi...i came upon your site looking for something to do with my name....i lost a child about 4 months ago. i misscarried before i could have my little one.i am myself only 19. i will from now on pray for your family because nothing has ever touched me like this website just did. god bless you and god bless teal

Name: Teal Ferrari
Comment: This is so weird. I was doing a google search on my name, and your daughter's name came up in all of the top 10 results. We almost have the same initials and she's only a few months older than me. I was born in December 1985, and my middle initial is W. My condolences are with you, and I'm sure she's smiling at you and hurting because you hurt too.


Name: George Amorim
Comment: I too stumbled on your site after searching for the color teal. My condolences to your family. I can only imagine how tough this time of year is. Prayers go out to you and a blessed Merry Christmas.

Name: Julianne
Comment: I am really sorry. My father died when he was only 27. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. Hope you feel better. I am 10 years old.

Name: Moe
Comment: Hey guys I wanted to tell you I MISS you guys so much. I've been so busy with the baby and moving and everything here! I wanted to say I Miss you Teal and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I was looking at the xmas card your wrote me and I couldn't stop crying because you said I know in the end we will be together! I know I will see you some day and I wish that day was today but I'm being selfish because we all want you here with us! I love you so much sis! I wish you could see the baby, he's so big! I know you don't like babies haha but you would love him, I promise! Mom, Dad, Mike, I miss you guys so much! We are moving tomorrow so you guys gotta come check out the new place! Well Teal I love you and I dream about you so much and think about everything we have been through. I just want to squeeze your cheeks and kiss them like u used to do to me! I love you so much, always! xoxo love your sis moe

Name: Amber Smith
Comment: I want to first apologize to the Fausett family for not keeping in better touch with you all. I've never been the best at keeping in touch with people, but I will try harder. I loved Teal so much, as many people did, and I miss her terribly. I guess in a way by typing a comment on her web site I would be admitting that she is gone, and that hurts. To this day I can not think about Teal without crying. I am still so angry about the whole situation. It angers me that a LOSER like Tim can walk away from an accident like that, but a beautiful person like Teal doesn't get the same opportunity. I can only hope that some day we will live in a world that punishes Losers like Tim to the fullest extent regardless of age. I can only hope and pray that some day (hopefully in my lifetime) idiots like Tim are locked away and never let out. If you engage in adult actions (drink and drive or in Tim's case flat out break the law) you should suffer adult consequences. When that day comes happy family's like the one Teal had will be able to sleep better at night knowing the justice system is on there side. Vicky I've told you this before and I will say it again No parent should have to sit at their child’s funeral. Every time I go on to Teal's web site I read all of the comments. It is comforting to read about all of the people who were touched by Teal’s love and glowing personality. It's hard to process the fact that Teal, our best friend, is gone and has been for quite some time. I will never forget the many times we all went out to dinner on Friday night. We were typical broke teenagers, we went as far as claiming it was someone's Birthday just to get a free meal and desert. I especially remember the time we had balloon hats made for us at TGI Fridays. That was the same night Michelle spilt her soda all over the table and then yelled

Name: Michelle Leffingwell

Name: Amber Wheeler
Comment: Teal, well hun, just thought I would let u know what's been going on in my life. I am now a single parent of a 4 month old baby boy. His name is Bradley. He is my pride and joy! It saddens me 2 know that u never had the chance to become a mother your self. I know you would of been a great mother! Teal, I think of you often! Thank you for watching over us! I just wish you were here! I love you Teal

Name: Sheila Warren
Comment: I just happened to stumble on to Teal's website when I typed in the name Teal. I have a daughter named Teal Green. She will be 12 in October. My prayers are with your family even though it's been several years now, as a mother I know that the pain is still very real. God be with you, Sheila Warren

Name: Bibi Byrne
Comment: I stumbled upon your site while surfing the net for a poem for the anniverary of my son, he died at the age of 6 from cancer of the blood. I have gone through this whole site and my heart went out to your family, it brought back painful memories of my own loss but I felt I had to keep reading and looking at Teal's pictures. I just want to say your daughter is beautiful not only to look at but by all accounts on the inside also and you must be so proud of her. I hope in time that you can remember her with a smile instead of tears and know in your heart that she died knowing how much she was loved, you gave your daughter 17 years of heaven on earth.

Name: Andrea
Comment: I came across your website in error, as you can see I entered, I am very touched, your daughter is beautiful and seemed very special .... My heart goes out to you, your family, and all of Teal's friends ... I will say prayers for her and for all of you ... continue to stay strong and keep your faith ....

Name: Candy Hoover
Comment: Your website is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful young lady. My deepest condolences go to Teal's family and friends. My daughter Leah, died in a house fire on February 13, 2005 and I have also made a website at Your webmaster has done a wonderful job of making a last tribute for Teal. Bless you all.

Name: Heather (Michelle's Sister)
Comment: Hey guys, I know it's a little late but I wanted to wish Teal a Happy Birthday. Vicki I got the pics back from April's baby shower. I'll bring them over. It looks like I will have some time on my hands for about the next year. My husband has been ordered to go to Bagdad. So he'll be gone for about a year and I've decided to be a stay at home mom while he's gone. So Vicki we'll have to get together. Anyway thats about it on my end, so I will talk to you guys soon. I love you guys and Teal I love you too! Happy Birthday!

Name: Moe

Name: Moe
Comment: Teal, I miss you so much! I can't even believe your'e really gone! I was looking at my scrapbook remembering all the good memories we used to have and of yours. When I come over I talk to mom and dad about them. Like when we went to Primm. Well, I guess everything is done with now. But you can always forgive but never forget. It's still hard for me to forgive because no one will ever be like you. I never thought I would have met someone like you and like mom and dad and Mike! It was a whole package in one! I miss those times that we used to spend! I love you so much and I miss my sister! I wish you were here to see my son (even though you don't like kids) lol :) You would like him! lol He's a good baby! Well, you would be 20 soon, can you believe that! Gosh, I just still can't even believe you're gone. I mean it hits me because we always used to be together, non- stop! Well, I better go! I miss you and I know you're watching over us! I love you and I miss you so much, my one and only sis! :) Don't ever forget that and I know I will see you sometime again and I can't wait. I love you! ur sis Moe!

Name: Ana
Comment: To the Fausett Family, I am so sorry for what happened to your beautiful Teal, this loving site for her is so very touching, I am sure she is so very proud of it looking down from Heaven. Love, Ana

Name: Kristen Bist
Comment: I remember my first year at Basic H.S., I knew no one there. I finally walked into my 5th period science class, and there was Teal. She was my first friend I met there, and she was there for me the for the next three years. I remember hearing about her death, but thought some one was playing a joke, it wasn't till I seen the obituary in the newspaper that I believed. I wish I could have been there for her funeral but I was with my family in Chicago. I came across this website once again, I am doing a report for college and decided to add Teal into my speech, she touched everyones lives. It wasn't fair for her, and that Tim could just walk on as if nothing happened. I send my greatest sympathies to you and the rest of the family. I love you Teal. Remember we like this (fingers cross)!

Name: Heather (Michelle's Sister)
Comment: Hey guys what's up? Its been awhile since the last time I emailed but things have been so busy, the husband in the army, the baby, work, you know. I just wanted to say, Mike the website looks awesome. Vicky and Keith I think about you guys all the time and I'm always bugging Michelle about how you guys are doing. Teal, I love ya girl. You know I always thought of you as a little sis, I miss you so much. But I know you're up in heaven watching over me and my family. I promise I'll bring the baby over soon guys. I think the last time you saw him he was just a couple of months old. I can't believe how fast they grow up. Now he's almost two. I love you guys and I hope everything is going good. I also wanted to say something for Tim to read if that's ok. Tim, It breaks my heart to hear and see how you've moved on so quickly. I can only hope that someday you will grow up and realize what you have done to an innocent woman and family. I can't say whether or not you loved Teal, but I feel if you love someone, you don't put them in any kind of dangerous situation. That night you put Teal in a dangerous situation. Someday you will have kids and I hope you talk to them and tell them what you did, so they can learn from your mistake. You'll face judgment day soon enough. Mike, Vicky, Keith, and Teal, you are a wonderful family and I love you all lots. Heather Licari (Leffingwell)

Name: Teal Holliday
Comment: I will probably never know what it is like to lose a loved one, but I am sorry for your families loss. It is kinda hard to sit here and watch pictures roll by with my name underneath them, I just hope and pray that will not happen to me. I am 13 years old. Yours Truly Teal

Name: So sad!
Comment: Teal's story brought tears to my eyes... I am so sad to think of what you have lost. My mom died in an accident caused by a drunk driver so I know what it feels like to lose someone you love because of someone else's thoughtlessness. May you find peace and comfort knowing how many lives Teal touched.

Name: Ashley Scott
Comment: Teal was a very kind and loving person. She was always helping out and since she is gone my world is very pale. She will be loved and remembered forever!!!

Name: Angel Crockford
Comment: Well what can I say, another Christmas has passed without you Teal and it seems like I just saw you yesterday. I still feel like your gonna pop up any day now and just saw that you were on vacation this whole time. I went to your pole this year and it was very nice, just to remember old times and most of all how life has changed since high school. I'd like to say happy holidays to your family which I can imagine was tough for them and I wish them the best of luck through everything. Teal you'll always be in my thoughts and prayers. I MISS YOU TEAL LOVE ALWAYS Angel

Name: Teal Melder
Comment: I never knew her but I have the same first name. I feel so bad that she was killed by a drunk driver. She was probably a great girl and would never think of doing that. I hope her parents will get through it all right!

Name: Maria Garcia
Comment: I saw your pictures, they touched my heart and my families too. We wish to talk to you, send me e-mail. I would be so glad to learn more about your experiences.

Name: Mason Cole
Comment: I am good friends with Mike from school. Seeing this website makes me see how hard he has had it. I have never experienced the death of a loved one and I hope I won't have to. When I look at Teal's pictures I can totally see that Mike is related to her. It would have been great to meet her, especially if she is anything like Mike. My prayers go out to you - Mason "The Hammer"

Name: Jamie McWilliams
Comment: What a beautiful website! My son Justin McWilliams was killed in April 2002 while he was leaving a party in Winter Garden, Fl. He was only 20 years old. Sometimes I feel like I am the only parent in the world having to deal with the loss of a child, then God puts something in front of me to ease my pain. Unfortunately, I am not alone and neither are you. The loss of a child is like no other. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please visit my son's website Thank you and God Bless. Jamie McWilliams

Name: Carol
Comment: Wonderful site!!! Thank-you for sharing your angel with us. God bless...

Name: Beth Hall
Comment: I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your precious daughter Teal. I can feel the love that your family shared together. It's just like the one our family use to have before we lost our 16 - 1/2 yr. old son Hayes on Jan. 27, 2002. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful daughter so that others may get to know her. I pray that God will comfort you and wrap you tight in his loving arms and fill your hearts with all the memories you created and shared together. If you get a chance, please visit Hayes' site at

Name: Vicky
Comment: Let me start by saying that you have my deepest condolences! I knew Teal very little and I had moved away the summer after I met her so I had no idea of what had happened! Teal to me was a very kind and loving person. The best memory of her that I have was in Senor Gill's Spanish one class! I used to see her writing notes to her friends and she taught me how to decorate my notes just like hers. The one thing that I had to offer was this memory and I hope that it will bring a smile to your face. She always carried a bright loving smile and helped out in any way that she could! I am truly sorry of what has happened to your family and I hope that you will recover. Have faith! With much respect, Vicky C.

Name: Daniela Wheatley
Comment: I feel sorry that your daughter passed away. If you need someone to talk to PLEASE WRITE to me.

Name: Heather Malcomb
Comment: I was just on Teal's site. It seemed like she was a great person. I am the wife of a 22 year old man who drinks. I have a 3 year old son. I do not like when he tries to take my kid riding when he is drinking. I would just like to tell you I am sorry for the loss of your daughter. And say that I hope that Tim gets what he deserves. That any parent should not have to lose a child to some stupid person that drinks and drives. I loved the web site that you made for Teal and I hope you can live on with her right beside you.

Name: Nick Wheeler
Comment: Hi, this is Nick Wheeler. I don't know if you remember me but I lived in Villa Hermosa and me and Teal always hung out together with my sister and brother, Amber and Aaron Wheeler. Teal was like a sister to us and you were like a brother Mike. Well I'm in Job Corps right now in Denison, Iowa and I look at Teal's website everyday and I show my class mates and they all feel really bad so if you can please write me back. Teal has a spot in my heart. Nick Wheeler

Name: Angel Crockford
Comment: Wow I can't believe that one of my good friends have left my life. This is a tragedy in itself and it should of never happened to Teal. Teal was the type of person who looked out for you and would be there for you if you needed anything. My last memory with you Teal was telling you to have a good Christmas and gave you a hug. I will always remember you as a loving and caring person. Your mom is a great person and I wish your family the best and luck through everything. I love you girl

Name: Caitlyn
Comment: Hi again, I can't stop looking at this website. Teal seemed like a very nice girl and I wish that had never happened to her. I lost a friend, she was 17. She got in a car accident but from what I heard she wasn't driving the car. She was dead before they started driving. It was from drugs, drinking and popping pills. So I kind of know what you are going through. I wish you the best of luck and I am really sorry. She was so pretty, my whole family is sorry about your loss. Love Caitlyn

Name: Caitlyn
Comment: Hi, I am really sorry about your loss. Your kid was so pretty I could not believe what happened to her. I am really sorry about your loss, I wish you the best of luck.

Name: LaAmy'a
Comment: I didn't know Teal, and I just stumbled upon this site while trying to make my own for a friend that died. She seemed very free, happy, and just amazing. She was very pretty, and I wish you all the best. I'm sorry for your loss...LaAmya

Name: Terrisa
Comment: I know no words can heal your pain, but I am truly sorry to hear about your loss and how insensitive that kid was. He deserves to live out that day everyday that he is alive, since he could not show any remorse to her family and friends. Hopefully, he got the worst sentence available to him.

Name: Heather (Michelle's Sister)
Comment: Hey guys, I just wanted to say hi and tell Teal Happy Birthday! I know it was yesterday, but I just got home. So, I miss you Teal and love ya!

Name: Dee
Comment: I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot believe that Tim did not get life!! How is it in this country you can kill someone and get probation? Just keep your faith in God and know she is in heaven......God bless you and your family.

Name: Teal
Comment: I'm very sorry to hear you are gone. You see my name is Teal also, I look like you and I was born in July.

Name: Charly Fausett
Comment: Hi Fausett Family, I was just looking over the internet to see if I could find anybody with the last name Fausett, like mine, and I came across this. It brought me to tears. That is so tragic what happened to Teal. I showed my family and friends and they felt the same way. I just wanted to say that I am terribly sorry for your loss, and I am praying for you even though I don't know you. No one deserves that kind of pain, and it's very sad that it happened to that beautiful girl. I hope that God is helping you heal and try to patch things up in your life. I know it won't be the same without her but someday you will meet her in heaven. Again, I'm sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Charly Fausett

Name: Mike Lee
Comment: Being at such a distance from all of you, this website and the video is very special to me. Mike, you did such a great job with all of this! Teal is so lucky to have a little brother like you! I think about you guys all the time. I wish that I would have known Teal better over the years, but from the video, my one visit out to Vegas and all of the comments from her friends, it sure seems like I still knew her well.........she didn't change much from the little girl I knew well. Confident, with a good sense of humor, and a smile that could light up your day. I can't wait to see all of you in June. Love- Mike

Name: Lyndsey Carroll
Comment: I really feel for you in some way, yet not speaking as a parent, because I'm only 16 but I saw my best friend get hit by a car, and died 2 days later. She was basically my sister I loved her soooo much and I still do. I will never forget her, and I still talk to her parents about things going on, and even when they look at me...I wonder do they say in their mind "why couldn't she have died instead of my daughter...?" which I know they wouldn't want that but I do understand where their coming from. Wanted to say that even though I bet a lot of people have said this...just keep believing that she's with you...I kept believing that and I felt a blanket of heat come over me one day cause I was crying about what happened..... thanks for reading...

Name: Megan Darlington
Comment: I wasn't the closest friend to Teal but she had a big impact on my life. I saw her everyday walking around the halls during 6th period. We'd always say hi, laugh, and then she'd keep walking with the biggest smile I have ever seen. You could see her coming a mile away with that smile. I remember the first time we actually got to know each other. It was at Nichole's birthday party and we all wrestled on the floor and all you could hear was her laughing. I just want her to know that I love her and will always have a place in my heart for her. Thank you for the wonderful website, it means alot to me.

Name: Gary Thomas
Comment: What a great tribute to your sister and I only hope I have someone like you to remember me after I am gone. Great job! Gary

Name: Samantha
Comment: This is a wonderful web site that truly honors Teal Fausett's memory.

Name: Bonnie Whitmire
Comment: I just read through your entire website. I now sit here in tears. I realize it has been a couple of years since you lost your daughter but I wanted to extend my condolences and hope that you and your family have been able to move forward with your lives. It sounds like you had a wonderful daughter and I am sure she is watching over you. God Bless!

Name: Randal
Comment: Your website was unbelievably touching. I lost a couple friends last year in Plainfield, IL. Diona Garcia and Jackie Swenson. I know what it's like to lose a friend, but not a close family member. I'm truly sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out to you and your family or anyone who knew "Teal". Just wanted to say I'm sorry. -Randal-

Name: Kimberly Kalen (Dewey)
Comment: Amanda just showed me this CD that Mike made. He did a wonderful job. Sometimes when a tragic thing like this happens we ask "God why didn't you stop it?" But remember the scripture "Precious is the death of one of his children." I can't imagine losing one of my children, but my heart breaks for you. Don't lose your faith in God. Our children are only on loan to us from God. They were never ours; they are his. But I hope the picture of Teal in-between both her grandfathers with their arms around her, will give you some comfort. If there is anything that I can ever do, whether it is to listen or talk I am here. I remember you Vicki the day it was told to the church about my daughter Amanda and what happened to her. I still see your face in my mind, and I knew I was loved. I hope somehow you know that my love for you has always been. If someday my husband and I, Bryan, come out to Vegas I will look you up. Love, Kimberly Kalen (Dewey)

Name: Timmy Ergle
Comment: I didn't know Teal very much. I do know her aunt Brenda and her Grandmother . I am a very good friend of hers. Brenda has kept me up to date with what is going on. I know that she is and will always be missed by a lot of family and friends. I don't know what to say that will help with the pain that you have to be dealing with. I have been told that time will heal everything but I think that is wrong. Somebody told me that everything happens for a reason. Well I have to say that there is no reason for a child to die. From what I have learned about her I wish I would have had the chance to know her. I don't think that the justice was done right but I guess you have to forgive and forget. Yet how can you forget about something that you have to deal with the rest of your life. I am sorry for your loss.

Name: Kit Swann
Comment: A beautiful dedication site. Having lost my first born child, Skylar Covert, I am all too familiar with the pain and suffering that you and your family are enduring. It has been almost 5 years since my son passed away, and to this day, the sadness hasn't gone away. I doubt it ever will. Our family has decided to no longer let pain and anger control our lives. We still mourn for our loss, but we've let his spirit live on in each of us. We've made donations to charities in his name, and every year on his birthday, January 20th, we take balloons down to Sunset Memorial Gardens, where he is buried at, and release them at 4:22 P.M., the time he was born. I've chose to celebrate his life as opposed to sulk over how short it was. That is the only advice I can offer your family. I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but if you put yourself in God's hands, anything is possible. Take care, and God Bless

Name: Dallas Stevenson
Comment: This really isn't a comment! I just want my dear friend Teal to know its hard to go each day without knowing she is with us!!!!! I think about you everyday!! Not one day goes by that I do not think of you!!!! I love you Girl!! I really don't know how long it took me to face the fact that you were really gone!! I told one of my best friends that she was lying when she told me you died!!!!!! I miss you so much! I really do! But I know you are still in my heart. I also know that famous saying that you always told me and I looked forward to it everyday. Dallas you have the nicest tits!!! or did it hurt!! Teal girl the last memory I share with you is Mr. Stelivatos class and you got me a glass of punch and a couple of cookies!! I hope you remember too, I'm sure you do! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! DALLAS

Name: Stacey Koenen
Comment: Michael, Way to go! What a terrific job! Teal is giving Walter high fives as I write this! (your dad will explain.) I am soooo proud of you! Wow! I can tell you put your heart and time into Teal's website! Basic awaits the next great Fausett to enter our building! We will be sooo lucky to have a student like you! Congratulations! This website will help all the people that love Teal feel closer together! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Love, Stacey Koenen

Name: Derek
Comment: I never knew Teal that well, I knew who she was and how nice she was. But the few times I talked to her I knew how great of a person she was. I'm so sad she is gone and I send you my deepest sorrows for your loss. I wish the court would of done alot more.

Name: Michelle Welton
Comment: You're in my thoughts and prayers. Teal is a very special person and I am glad I got to know her.

Name: Amanda Gipe
Comment: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fausett, You may not remember me but I am Amanda Dewey the daughter of Kimberly and the grand daughter of Don and Nellie Dewey. We attended Rockford Church of Christ with you before you moved for Vegas. Mike was just a toddler at the time. Sandra told me about Teal's website so I thought I would visit it. I am so sorry to hear what happened to Teal. Even tho we hadn't seen each other in a long time I still loved her and your whole family. It tears me up inside to think what happened to Teal. I can only imagine how hard it was for you as well. I remembered Teal just the way the website said she was, never a frown on her face. To this day I think of Danielle Winder and Teal and myself trying to get her teddy bear necklace she dropped in the heat register at Grace Academy. I still cry about what happened to Teal and how her boyfriend could had used such horrible judgment about drugs and driving. I hope that it bothers him for the rest of his life and that he thinks about the decisions he makes in the future. He will stand accountable before God and that will be the ultimate satisfaction that we who ever loved Teal will ever get from her misfortune. I am sooooo sorry and I feel for you and your family. If there is anything that I could ever do please feel free to call me or write me and I will do anything that I can for you. I want you all to remember one day we will be reunited in Heaven and God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. Keep faith and God will guide you through every day. Take one day at a time and each day I hope it becomes a little easier for you. Your family is constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all very much. And to Mike, you don't have a memory of me but I do of you and I know Teal loved you very much and always loved showing you off at church. She was proud of her little brother and she loved you so much. I will have special prayers for you and I hope that you can gain wisdom from what happened and teach others the outcome of drugs and reckless driving. I love you to Mike. I love you two as well Mr. and Mrs. Fausett. I do attend Eastside Church of Christ where Sandra, Marc, Brenda, and Summer go. Your sister in Christ, Amanda Gipe (Dewey)

Name: Grandma Land
Comment: I loved Teal from the moment I saw her in the hospital. July 17th, 1985. She was quite a babe even then. Everyone comments on her smile. Vicki and I took her for pictures when she was around 3 months old. The photographer kept saying how happy she was. When she aimed the camera Teal would just laugh. She knew she was beautiful. That smile I see on her mom all the time. Keith and Vicki sure did a great job raising Teal. They kept close tabs on her but she was still a cool kid. I know how much she loved Mike and she would have been so proud of how he has grown into such a neat young man. I miss her so much, but I know she's in heaven so everything is "peace out". Grandma

Name: Emily
Comment: My name is Emily Wallen. I grew up in Rockford, IL - across the street from Teal Fausett. To hear of Teal's death is shocking, but to comprehend it is impossible. Some justice must be served to the Fausett family; I feel their pain and emptiness in personal sympathy and I also sympathize with the cause of getting drunk drivers off the road. This is simply an outrage and should not have cost Teal her future! Being friends with Teal greatly altered my perception of reality and my understanding of human kindness, sincerity, and decency. Some of my best childhood memories took place across the street, on Grant Avenue. Teal you are missed truly and deeply - I regret the time we didn't get to spend together. Vicki, Keith, and Mike - I truly hope that you are doing well and I send my most sincere condolences. God bless you. <3 Emily

Name: Jason Bare
Comment: Mike, you did an awesome job on this website. I hope you guys have a merry Christmas, even though it's going to be the hardest time you guys have faced. I'll always be here for you if you ever need anything. I don't really know what to say... I love you guys, and you're in my prayers. WE MISS YOU TEAL!!!!

Name: Moe (Melissa)
Comment: Hey Mom, Dad , Mike and Teal: I haven't been able to talk to you guys in a while. I'm sorry, its so hard with school and work and everything else. I want you to know I haven't forgotten about you guys at all. Every day I think about Teal, she was the best friend I ever had. She was my sister, we did everything together, family trips, movies, talking for hours. I loved every moment we spent together. All the pictures we took, everything, and we even said if we weren't married at 35 then we would get married, haha. I love her so much and miss her in my life! I mean, I try to have other friends but its just not the same as me and Teal were! We had that special bond! She is priceless! She always made me smile! She was my twin! I feel so incomplete without her in my life. Some say you only find one true best friend if you're lucky, I felt so lucky that she was mine! We shared so many memories together that I will always remember for a lifetime! She told me in her Christmas card that she promises in the end we will be together and I know we will! Teal you're my angel! I miss you so much, my one and only sis! Mom, Dad and Mike, I'm sorry. I miss you guys so much. I know this Christmas is going to be hard and I hope I see you guys! I love you and you will always be my Mom and Dad. Mike, you're my bro! I love you! Tim if you ever read this, I know hate is a big word, but you hurt me so bad and so many other people for you to move on so fast. That means you never loved Teal! I really wonder sometimes what you think! Well, I mean what goes around comes around, you will get yours, believe me! What, did you think taking a different road would make it any better? Don't do drugs and drink! I feel sorry for your new girlfriend! I hope she's scared to drive with you! Well, I'm done! Teal I will see you soon! I know you are so much happier now in a better place. Watch over us and your family. We all love you so much! I miss you my sis! Love always, your sis, Moe!

Name: Brianna Carroll
Comment: You know not a day goes by that I don't think about Teal. I met her my freshmen year. She was in all my history classes every year. We got along so well. She got along with everyone so well. I miss her very very much. A few weeks ago I was in a car accident I was hit buy a drunk that ran a red light. I was thankfully not seriously injured. It's so hard knowing any day can be your last. I was so scared when that car hit me, visions of Teal ran through my mind over and over again. I just prayed and it was all over before I knew it. I didn't feel pain until way after I was hit. Which made me understand how Teal prolly didn't suffer one bit. That eased my heart so much. She deserved nothing but joy, that's all she gave she was excellent in everything. I really loved that girl. The xmas before her accident we exchanged x-mas gifts together, she came over my house and she gave me a picture frame which holds a picture of me and her in it. I never got to know her family very well but she was for sure a very important person to me. I honest to god miss her. She was someone I always went to about my problems she would let me vent and then make me laugh so hard. I was constantly happy when I was around her and so was everyone else. I miss having that kind of friend. I wish we had spent more time together. We always made plans to go and do things but we were both always so busy. I wish I would have made more time. It breaks my heart to know that she's gone but I am so happy to know that she's in a better place now. Thank you so much for sending me her website I am so grateful. I hope for the best in everything for you and your family. If there is anything at all that I can ever do please let me know. Love, Brianna Carroll

Name: Molly Murphy
Comment: Not a day goes by that I do not think of your beautiful daughter. My heart and strength goes out to you. Much love - Molly

Name: Tiana Hagerman
Comment: Teal and I were best friends when we were younger. Then when she moved away we didn't talk for a long time, but I still remembered the times when we went out for pizza with Teal's family or the time when our parents played cards and us children played in the basement, usually a game of zoo. Teal was always the lion or tiger. Every time I knew Teal's mom was in town I'd always ask is Teal in town also and hope and cross my fingers that the response was Yes! I remember having an egg hunt on Easter at Teal's grandma's and letting Mike find all the eggs cause he was so young. We pretended not to see the eggs even though they were in plain view. Teal introduced me to the movie Grease which will forever be my most fav movie, we watch every time we were together. But the most important thing I remember is this. Teal came here for something, I don't remember what, and we sat and talked with our moms catchin up on old times, me and my mom were planning on going to spend a few weeks of the summer to see Teal n her mom the next summer. Then looking on her profile after the accident and seeing the words "Tiana it was nice seeing you, can't wait to see you again" and I could not believe it, I really couldn't. We got to see each other for one day and even though we were best friends when we were younger, I couldn't believe that she put that on her aol profile! Tears come to my eyes every time I think that such a wonderful girl has been taken away from this world. But then I realize that even though we may not see it God has a plan and it was her time. Just to let Teal's family know, I have told many friends of what has happened and all of them not knowing Teal at all still want to beat up this kid who has caused all of this to happen. You have mine and many of my friends prayers for your family! I love you and miss you all! Tiana Hagerman

Name: Brenda
Comment: Hey guys, I really enjoy looking at the website. This website is a great tribute and the best way to express the amount of love you all have for Teal. If you all didn't know it before Teal is my favorite niece. The way she always put family first and stood up for us if anyone disrespected any of us. I really miss chatting with her online. When she was taken away it ripped a hole in my heart that I don't think will ever heal. I made her a promise, one that I haven't been able to keep yet. But Lord willing I will be able to fulfill that promise. I love you guys and you will always be in my heart and prayers. Teal I love and miss you so much. Love always and forever, Brenda

Name: Angela Fausett
Comment: Hello. I received this website link through my Aunt & Uncle, Ruth and Ken Laumer. I am very sorry for your loss. I know that this Christmas will be very hard for you all. I will pray for you. I am Jim Fausett's daughter. I was also born in Rockford, IL. I now live in Florida. I'm not sure what relation Teal and I are, maybe second cousins? I wish I'd had the opportunity to know her. Seems she had such ambition and was such a happy girl. I have a 10 year old son. I cannot imagine what you all have been through. It seems so unfair. I hope that time is healing your hearts. Sincerely ~ Angie

Name: Bret Hagerman
Comment: I still think of all the pain you guys go through and it makes me cry to even imagine the pain you all must go through. It makes me sick to think that a person can be so cold to be able to even live a normal life after being so careless to take someone else's. I pray for your family. I hope you can find peace in that Teal is in a better place, where no one can hurt her. I'll continue to pray and think of you. If there is anything I can ever do I hope you will let me know. love always Bret

Name: Justin Fausett
Comment: I have been to the website many times, but never could get through the messages and still have energy to say anything, let alone anything worthwhile. I will try this time. To Keith and Vicki. I have looked to you for guidance many times and you have always been there. Our family is so tight and there is so much love it surprises me when I hear others talk about their families. Teal and I have always been tight, but believe me we fought like a brother and sister. I want you to know that God knew that when I came home from Saudi Arabia it would be my last moments with someone that I loved endlessly. In those last few days Teal and I became closer than ever. All she could talk about was living with me in an apartment when I left the military, and honestly I was kind of looking forward to it. The morning I left she actually woke up at 0500 to say goodbye and give me a hug that I will forever cherish. She had never done that before. Usually when I leave I go to her room and say goodbye. God blessed me with those last few moments. To Teal, You have taught me so much and I thank God every day I had with you. The past year has been harder than anything I have gone through and it doesn't get easier. I thank you for giving direction to my life and giving unprecedented motivation. To Mike, You have grown up so much and we are all so proud of you. You have done such a remarkable job with the site. Thank you. To everyone, What I have learned from Teal is this. Live life to the fullest and take nothing for granted. Fight for love and fight for family. Everything else is arbitrary. Justin

Name: Laura VanDerWerken
Comment: My sympathies on the loss of your Teal. I lost my 18 year-old nephew on 10/19/03, from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. With Christmas coming up I don't know how I will manage. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time of year. I enjoyed Teal's photos, she looked liked a great girl. God Bless

Name: Cassi
Comment: Hey guys, Mike, you really did a great job with this. I've checked out the site a couple of times, but I never knew what to say to you. I love Teal, she was the sister I never had, and I love how you guys made me feel like I was part of the family and still am. There's a lot of times when I'm doing the most mediocre things, and I get emotional knowing that she used to do those little things with me. It could be something as small as making a trip to 7 eleven for some slurpees, but no matter what, she always went, no questions asked. I'm sorry that you guys ever had to go through this and I'm sorry I haven't been able to be there as much as I'd like, but I'm going to stay around with you guys, no worries there. I really wish that I could have been there for her that night, like she was always there for me. You guys couldn't have asked for a better daughter. She was the best person I have ever known in my life, one of the few that somehow managed to change my life just being my friend. The whole time I knew her, I don't regret anything, only that I wish I could have done something for her when it all happened. I'm really sorry for all that you've gone through, but I still love you guys just as much and I always will. Love, Cassi

Name: Diane
Comment: I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. She was 2 months younger than my oldest and it really hits home. I know she is in heaven.

Name: Marc Schmerse
Comment: I've known Teal for about 8 years. She was terrific, active, loved, fantastic and unpredictable but most of all you were smart and you loved your family. Your family always came first and then your friends. I remember the night your family and you were here in Rockford and I let you drive my truck and you fell in love with it. Teal we love you and miss you lots. T- Is for how Terrific you were E- Is for how you did love Everyone A- Is for how Active you were L- Is for how you made everyone Laugh F- Is for how Fabulous you were A- Is for how Awesome you were U- Is for how Unpredictable you were S- Is for how Smart you were E- Is for how Entertaining you were T- Is for how Tight you were with friends T- Is for how Talented you were This is what you mean to me LOVE YOU TEAL

Name: Tim Fausett
Comment: Words alone cannot express the emptiness that is felt whenever I think of Teal. I found this on the Internet it conveys my thoughts better than I could on my own. Don’t think I do not feel because you see no tears. A river rages deep inside of grief, and loss, and fears. Just because I do not cry now, don’t think my heart’s not broken. I keep inside the misery of words not to be spoken. Sometimes I smile, or crack a joke, so you won’t see the pain; or notice how my hands will shake, or how I’ve gone insane. Each time I chance to think of her, my heart is ripped asunder. The loss I feel is mine alone. you will not see my thunder. by Brenda Penepent

Name: Debbie (Fausett) Veach
Comment: Dear Keith, Vickie, and Michael, I read the website about Teal and my heart breaks for you all over again. What a horrible thing to have happen in your lives. My love is with you all in the loss of your beautiful daughter and sister. I remember the little girl that she was and how very much she looked like Keith right from the start. Just cut her hair short and give her a deeper voice and there's Keith's twin. Aunt Sandra sent me the website info and I went to it immediately. I wish there was something I could say or do to help in some way. Please know that I love you all and hurt for you as well. My thoughts are with you. Please take care of yourselves. With love and sympathy. Your cousin, Debbie

Name: Debbie Honeycutt
Comment: Mike, You made an excellent website for your sweet sister Teal. Your mom and I go way back and I knew your dad for a short while in Illinois before I moved to Texas. My heart goes out to all of you, I can't even imagine the pain you are going through with losing a child and sister. I see both parents in Teal's face but mostly Keith. I just don't really know what to say except how sorry I am. She was well loved by everyone who knew her. This just breaks my heart for all of you. Know you are loved and thought of often. Teal is always in my thoughts and prayers as her CD sits beside my monitor everyday. Keith, Vicki, and Mike...Teal will always be in our hearts. You will one day see her again. Love you so much, Mark, Debbie, and Mark II

Name: Mike Lee
Comment: A very touching website. As I sit here with tears running down my face, my heart goes out to all of you. Take care.

Name: Kevin
Comment: I miss you buddy.

Name: Summer Schmerse
Comment: Well Teal was a very beautiful woman who was going somewhere to be something. She was a very special woman to everyone at Basic High School, and her family. She could light up a room with her smile and could make anyone laugh. She was especially special to me, she was my role model, I wanted so much to be like her. I will never forget her.

Name: Grandma Fausett
Comment: I can't get over what a great job you have done with this site. I sure enjoy looking at it and reading about Teal. It helps to see her in action. We will never forget her. She will always be in my heart but it helps to see her in action. Love you Mike Grandma

Name: Shannon Abruzee
Comment: Teal and I go way back. Before middle school I became friends with Teal in a apartment complex that we had both lived in. We became really close in just a short time. Together we had a lot of great memories and even better times. I remember when Teal broke her arm, her and I were roller blading around the complex and she fell and her arm hit a car. I remember before we realized that she had broken her arm we were laughing and she was so mad cause she broke her watch. Than she couldn't move her arm and I ran to get her mother, Vicki. I don't think we ever went roller blading again. Teal and I also use to hang out in my room and sing to Prince yeah no joke, but I remember it so well. I moved and we tried to stay in touch but it got hard. She moved a little after me. It was at least 3 yrs before I saw Teal again we ended up attending the same high school and played tennis together even though Teal and I were not Best Friends any more I still could talk to her as if nothing had changed. To Vicki and Keith I never really see you guys, you always seem to run into my parents so I just wanted to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss and that I will never ever forget you, your family, and your daughter. You are embedded in me for the rest of my life. I hope some day soon we can run into each other :).

Name: Michelle Leffingwell
Comment: Hey guys I finally got to look at the web site...and now I can't stop crying. I just wanted to say hi and see how things are going with you guys. I love you all and I'll call in a few days. Bye Love always, Michelle. TEAL A friend calls before they come over A best friend walks in without knocking A friend calls your parents by their first names A best friend calls them mom and dad A friend offers you something to eat when you come over A best friend helps themselves to your fridge A friend returns your clothes once they’re done borrowing them A best friend keeps them forever If this is true, then Teal had many best friends. As one of her closest best friends, I don’t really think I’ve ever really seen Teal break down and cry. She was always in good spirits and always had a smile on her face. Like Teal’s mom was saying to us the other day, Teal’s church always said that the goal in life is to make it to heaven. Teal just wanted to make sure she got there before anyone else so she could pick out the best spot. I’ll always love you Teal. You’ll always have the best spot in my heart. Michelle