Mr. & Mrs. Fausett,

Not sure where to begin this letter... I am Stacey Koenen, Dean of Students @ Basic High School. Teal was our 6th period student aide. Teal and I first became connected because she overheard me speak about Walter Payton and the Chicago Bears. She shared with me how her dad was a big fan too. Since that day we were very close. Educators are not suppose to have favorites or least not admit to the fact. Teal was by far my favorite student since I have arrived at Basic. Everyone knew it! I introduced her to everyone as "my fave." Teal knew this and I think she was proud of the fact. You did such an absolutely outstanding job of raising that little girl. I NEVER saw her once with a frown or negative attitude. I looked forward to 12:30 pm each day knowing she would be walking in the door soon. Teal was a big part of our office. I trusted her with everything. To be honest with you, I called her out of some of her other classes when it became busy in our office knowing she would be able to get everything organized and in order. Friday, December 20, we gave eleven of our student aides a great deal of candy for Christmas. Teal, our twelfth aide, we gave an angel. The card she gave me had angels on the front. She wrote in my card she loved me, I was the best and signed it, "your fave." We hugged, told each other we loved each other and we would miss each other. I graduated from Basic 20 years ago and I too was on the tennis team. I promised to share a picture of me with her when she returned after the break. She couldn't wait, she even commented on it in her Christmas card to me. Your daughter touched every life she came in contact with each day. Teal was extremely well liked by our security team who she worked with every day during 6th period. Mrs. Hopster, Mrs. Martindale, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Lewis, Officer Chavez, Officer Jones and Dean Ron Mader all would like to share with you their deepest condolences. This tragedy has hit our office hard and I am sure it will take us a while to have smiles on our faces. Knowing she is in a better place and watching over all of us is the beginning to our acceptance. I can't even imagine the pain you feel right now. I knew her such a short time and I have never been so sad in my life. I hope you realize you now have your own personal angel and if you don't mind I too would like to think that way. May you find more peace each day as she shines over you and your family. I hope this is not too much to ask; may I have a picture of her? Maybe a copy of one of your favorites...If there is EVER ANYTHING I, or Basic High School can do for you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Stacey Koenen